The Summit is Coming Back to Los Angeles and It's 2 Days This Year! Friday and Saturday, September 28th & 29th, 2018

2018 Confirmed Summit Speakers

Lisa Copeland

Sales Coach, Author, Speaker, Philanthropist and Creator of "Art of The Big Sell"

Adam Flores

Business Coach, Author, Social Media Influencer, and Creator of "The Dream Factory" and "Business Club Academy"

Michael Kutcher

Motivational Speaker and Philanthropist

Alexandria Agresta

Chief Purpose Pioneer at Purpose Pioneers

Ed Smith

Founder of Awyken Coaching and The Nehemiah Project, Bishop of ZOE Christian Churches International

Regeanie Corona

CEO of Advancing The Seed and Community Impact Ventures, and Creator of "Life on Purpose" and "30 Days to a Nonprofit"

Emily Letran

High Performance Coach, Founder of Action to Win Events and Owner of Dental Offices

Jeanette Mandy

CEO, Every Community Matters

Desmond Antonio Blackburn

Author, Speaker and High Performance Sales Coach

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Countdown to 2018 Summit in LA - Friday and Saturday, September 28th & 29th



Meet Your Host Team

Regeanie Corona

Founder and CEO, Advancing The Seed, Inc.

Jeanette Mandy

Founder and CEO, Every Community Matters

Natalie Phillips

Dr. of Audiology and CEO of Connect4Excellence

Mary Kolbenschlag

CEO, Discover Pathwaze

Laura Hunsinger

President, Discover Pathwaze

Courtney Santana

CEO, Survive2Thrive